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In-Person Schedule and Regulations

SCHOOL DAY 2022-2023

Grade                Arrival Time     Dismissal Time        Entrance and Exit Door Locations

PreK 101/105             8:20 am                 2:30 pm                    32nd Ave Main Entrance (closest to 89th St.)

PreK 124/224             8:20 am                 2:30 pm                32nd Ave(closest to 90th street)  front of building

Kindergarten             8:20 am                  2:30 pm                   89th street entrance (auditorium side)

First Grade                8:20 am                  2:30 pm                   90th street entrance up the stairs (new cafeteria) 

Second Grade           8:20 am                 2:30 pm                   90th street entrance up the stairs (new cafeteria)


Third Grade              8:20 am                  2:35 pm                   89th street entrance (auditorium side)

Fourth Grade            8:20 am                 2:35 pm                   32nd Ave(closest to 90th street)  front of building

Fifth Grade                8:20 am                 2:35 pm                  32nd Ave (closest to 90th street) front of building



  • Children will receive their ID lanyards from their teacher on their first on site day of school.

  • Children will be expected to show up to the building with their ID Lanyard to easily identify them and which day they are in session in the building.


  • Parents and families will not be let into the school building

  • Please prepare children to be left at the door with the school aide to be sent with a teacher or monitor to class.

  • Students will be in single file lines and markers and signs will indicate where classes will line up and get dismissed.

  • All parent/family meetings and interactions with any school staff member will need to scheduled via remote conversation (phone call, email, video chat)

school bus with children
boy eating lunch at a desk




  • Breakfast will be in the classrooms and it will be an instructional breakfast period

  • Lunch will be in the lunchroom

  • Students will be expected to remain socially distant at all times but, especially during this time.

  • Students will be expected to sanitize hands before and after consuming food in the classroom.

  • Students must clean hands with sanitizer or with soap and water after entry into building and before entering the classroom.

  • Grab and go will be delivered to Pre-K classrooms, and pick up points within the school will be designated for grades 1-5.

  • After eating, students and staff will wipe down the area where they ate their meal.

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