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 Welcome to School Year 2023-2024!



In order to increase students' reading comprehension skills, teachers will strengthen phonemic awareness and phonics while understanding key ideas and details to engage in rigorous classroom discussion.

Math Schoolwide Focus 

To increase student’s fluency with numbers and operations.

Support students with making connections.

Efficiency – Kids shouldn’t get bogged down with too many steps or lose track of the logic

Accuracy – extensive knowledge of number facts and double-checking results

Flexibility – Knowledge of more than one approach to solving problems and flexibility to choose one that works and another to check

PS148Q Vision and Mission Statement

PS 148Q is a culturally diverse community school that is committed to working collaboratively with families and educators to help build a community of lifelong learners, providing all students with what they need, one individual at a time. We will make it possible for our children to be college and career ready.

Our mission is to be a community school that exemplifies the best in teaching practices, by providing equitable access to all students, enabling them to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally in a culturally responsive classroom. This will empower all students to become strong, educated, well-rounded contributing members of society. We are committed to working collaboratively with families and educators to continue building a diverse community of lifelong learners.



School Calendar

Upcoming Events September 2023

Queen of Reading

Congratulations to Gia Casaravilla in class 1-227. She was crowned PS148Q Queen of Reading on 9/14/23. She is the winner of the PS148Q Summer Reading Challenge. We are super proud of your hard work Gia!!  We will be having more Reading Challenges throughout the school year. We would like everyone to join in. 

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Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony 2023

Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony